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Legends and artwork abound extolling the beauty of Mermaids. Alluring and enchanting...Belief in these lovely aquatic creatures has existed in many cultures since the earliest times. Sirens of the sea, mermaids have been said to tempt sailors with their haunting songs.  Mermen are their handsome male consorts.  And sea dragons are their friends.
Mermaid Adorned Print
A mermaid can never have enough
pearls or shells.
Castle of the MerFolk Print
A delightful sand castle home for mermaids and mermen. Adorned with colourful seashells and sea glass, mermaids and mermen live in this enchanting abode under the sea.
Size and Border
Neptune Poseidon Print
Roman God of the Sea known as Poseidon in Greece.
Size and Border
Mermaid Queen,  Queen of Cups Print
Wearing a shell crown and her favourite pearl necklaces, the regal Mermaid Queen sits up her shell and seaweed throne.  She also represents The Queen of Cups from the Tarot.
Sea Serpent Print
The Sea Serpent or Sea Dragon is a mythical creature living in the deep ocean that has captivated the imagination of many for millennia. Countless sitings have been reported all over the world and tales of sea serpents are woven into the folklore of many sea-faring cultures. Sea serpents were often depicted on maps in uncharted waters. (Do not sail over the edge; who knows what exists there!)
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Melusine Print
Melusine was a Water Goddess who fell in love with a knight. On their wedding day she made him promise never to see her in the bath. When he discovers her unusual secret she leaves him.
Nereid Undine Sea Faerie Print
A Water Faerie (Undine, Water Nymph, Water Spirit) arises from the ocean on a wave wearing a crown of pearls and surrounded by shells. In Greek mythology she is called a Nereid. Water Faeries also inhabit waterfalls, lakes and streams. An Undine or Water Elemental can gain a soul if she marries a mortal and gives birth to his child. But if he is unfaithful, she returns to the sea. In Greek and Roman mythology a Nereid is the oceanic equivalent of a minor nature goddess.
Size and Border
Fand Print
Fand is a Faerie Queen and Sea Goddess married to Mannanon.  She is called Pearl of Beauty.  She also dwells in the Otherworld.
Fand called upon the great hero Cuchulainn to help her in a battle for control of the Irish Sea.  They fall deeply in love.  But of course, no good love story is without conflict; Cuchulainn is already married.  After the battle is won, Fand returns to her husband Manannan.  As a relationship between faerie  and human could not continue without eventually destroying the world of faerie, Manannan erases their memories of each other with his magickal cloak.
Sizes and Border
Size and Border
Mermaid Musing Print
A mermaid daydreams under the sea.
Mermaid's Pearls Print
A shy young mermaid shows off her new pearl necklace.
Mermaid's Mirror Print
A lovely mermaid checks her reflection in a shiny abalone shell. She wears all her favourite pearls and decides to add one more strand for the perfect look.
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Mermaid's Treasures Print
A mermaid surrounded by her colourful shell collection.
Mermaid of the Blue Grotto
In the mysterious Blue Grotto sea cave off the Isle of Capri, a mermaid greets the day.
Mermaid of the Coral Reef Print
A mermaid dives to admire colourful coral.
Merman of the Coral Reef Print
A watchful merman protects his coral reef.
MagickMermaid Studio Morgaine du Mer
Mannanon Print
Celtic Sea God, protector of sailors and others traveling by water. Mannanon is the son of the Celtic Sea God Llyr. The Isle of Man was named for him. When his faerie wife Fand fell in love with human hero Cuchulain, Mannanon decreed that the worlds of faerie and human would remain separated forever. His seahorse is named Splendorous Mane. He carries a red and yellow spear and his sword never missed its
mark. The conch shell is one of his symbols.

Mermaid's Daydreams Print

A mermaid daydreaming under the sea.

Sizes and Border

Mermaid and Sea Turtles Print

A mermaid meets a family of sea turtles.


Sea Dragon Print
In a quiet cove, a young sea dragon discovers some shells.


Sunrise in Mermaid's Cove Print
A mermaid gazes at the colourful sunrise.


Fantasy Seahorse Prints

Two colours and sizes


Mermaids, Mermen and Water Spirits
Fine Art Prints

Mermaids, Mermen and
Water Spirits Fine Art Prints