Magickal Art by Morgaine du Mer MagickMermaid Studio

GreenMan and GreenWoman Fine Art Prints

Symbols of rebirth, renewal and the continuation of green and growing things, the Green Man and Green Woman have been depicted in various forms in  many cultures throughout history. Dedicated to new verdant life and a fertile harvest, GreenMan and GreenWoman are portrayed with a variety of lush greenery, entwined vines, seeds, berries and flowers.
OakMan GreenMan Print
The OakMan Green Man wears a crown of oak branches and acorns. He is celebrated in the Spring and Summer. A perfect companion for the Green Lady.
The Green Lady Print
Green Woman symbolizes bountiful Mother Earth. A variety of fresh green leaves encircle her face. She is a perfect companion for OakMan GreenMan
GreenWoman and GreenMan Together
The ultimate green expression of love! GreenWoman and GreenMan, comprised of leafy greens, gaze lovingly into each others' eyes. A perfect commemoration to a Beltaine celebration and a lovely wedding/handfasting gift.
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GreenMan of Grapevines Print
A different version of the traditional GreenMan, this image incorporates grapes and grape foliage surrounding his leafy face. He is the perfect companion for GreenWoman and Blackberries.
GreenWoman and Blackberries Print
A verdant Mother Earth image surrounded by leafy ferns, vines and blackberries. A lovely companion for GreenMan of Grapevines.

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SunFlower GreenMan Print  
He wears a crown of sunflowers amidst bright green foliage. An ancient symbol for the continuation of plant life with a new Summery twist. A perfect companion for Sunflower GreenWoman.
SunFlower GreenWoman Print 
A new Mother Earth design and companion for Sunflower GreenMan. She wears a crown of sunflowers with vibrant green leaves. Celebrate Summer!
The Magickal Oak Celebrating
Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox
Magickal Oak Four Seasons
Green Border  11 x 14 
Magickal Oak Four Seasons
No Border  11x14

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Dryad Print 
The demure and gentle Tree Spirit, a Dryad, hides in a tree on a misty morning. In Greek mythology, dryads keep watch over the forests and groves. They can communicate with trees and other growing things.
Lady of the GreenWood Print
In a velvet dress decorated with leaves and crystals and a cape lined with new Spring leaves, The Lady of the Greenwood glides through the forest in the early morning mist.
Cernunnos GreenMan Print
A horned GreenMan wearing a crown of pine cones, evoking Cernunnos, Lord of the Forest.
Summer GreenMan Print
An Oak King image that is a symbol of male fertility and the waxing year. His bright green Summer foliage includes oak leaves and acorns symbolizing the continuity growing plants.
Autumn GreenMan Print
A GreenMan dressed in the colourful orange, brown and gold leaves of Fall.
Holly King GreenMan Print
The Holly King is the aspect of the Green Man (Oak King) honoured at the Winter Solstice (Yule) representing the waning year. He wears a crown of holly and is surrounded by mistletoe.

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