MagickMermaid Studio

Archival Giclee Prints of my Pen and Ink, Watercolour and Acrylic Fantasy Art

If you have ever walked along the seashore and out of the corner of your eye seen a mermaid flip her tail before disappearing beneath the waves,
Tread lightly in the forest and caught a glimpse of elfin magick
beneath a cluster of mushrooms,
Maybe you ambled through a shady glen and became enveloped by the glimmer of faerie light left behind,
Or danced at midnight under a full moon and heard an ethereal whisper beckoning you to look beyond the mist,
If you are as enchanted as I am by beings who are unseen by
most and imagined by many,
Then come and meet those who dwell in mystical realms.
11x14 Print Size
Now Available!

Magickal Fantasy Art by Morgaine du Mer

Welcome to my enchanted realm!
A Magickal journey awaits...
Welcome to my enchanted realm!
A  magickal journey awaits...
Here you will meet beautifulMermaids,
illusive Faeries, nature spirits of
GreenMan and GreenWoman,
mythic Goddesses and Gods,
wise Witches and Wizards.
Explore the whimsical world of
Halloween art for children.
And enter the nocturnal dark domain of
vampires, ghosts and dark fae.
New Designs!
Celtic Zodiac Signs 11x14
New! Two Trees Entwined
with Knotwork Border 11x14
New!  Bastet Egyptian Cat Goddess
New! Bastet Cat Goddess
New!  Spring Faerie
New! Spring Faerie