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Gothic and Dark Fine Art Prints

Secret rooms and dark staircases in crumbling castles, hereditary curses, ancient prophecies, madness, bats in the belfry are all elements of Gothic fiction.  Blending mystery, horror, the supernatural and romance with an impending sense of doom and suspense that left readers breathless, the Gothic genre  predominated English literature in late 17th/early 18th centuries.  Vampires, ghosts and phantoms rule the night.  The Realm of the Dark Fae, the Unseelie, is also featured here.
Gossiping Gargoyles of Notre Dame Print      
Garrulous gargoyles gather to gossip under a full moon in Paris on top of the cathedral of Notre Dame.
"Whatever happened to the art of conversaton?"  Print
Said the Raven to the Gargoyle under a full blue moon.
Full Moon Madness Print
A wild-eyed Lady, possibly on the brink of madness from lack of sleep, and a Gargoyle enjoy a full moon.
Sleepwalker Print
A beautiful dreamer in a violet gown sleepwalks on a balcony under a full moon whilst a gargoyle keeps watch.
Vampiress Print 
Casting her eye over the unsuspecting city, the Vampiress chooses her next conquest. The gargoyle comes to life at midnight to howl at the full moon.
Ghost Writer Print
In a dark, lonely, forgotten tower with only bats for company, a ghostly Lady writes her stories. Centuries pass as poetry and endless tales of love, loss and life flow from her quill pen...
The Green Lady of Tullach Print Seen many times throughout the centuries, The Green Lady Ghost roams the corridors of Tullach Castle in Dingwall, Scotland.
Gothic Bride Print
Dressed in blood red velvet trimmed with black and gray lace, our Gothic Bride assembles her wedding bouquet with the help of batty attendants.
The Ghost of the Jilted Bride
The cake uneaten except by mice,
The wine overturned and spilled,
The wedding guests have
all gone home.
No wedding vows fulfilled.
The groom, you see, had failed to show,
For reasons yet unclear,
The ghostly bride in her tattered dress still hopes for him to appear.
One hundred years have
come and gone,
As she wanders from room to room,
And on every full moon hear her eerie cry as she awaits her errant groom.
Spectre Bride Matted Print  $20
A ghostly Victorian bride sits for her wedding portrait.
A Moment Before the
Vampire's Embrace 
It was a damp, moonless London night. Fog swirled eerily through the deserted streets. She had gone to the opera alone and and now awaited her carriage. Turning quickly at the sound of approaching footfalls, she was enveloped in a black velvet cape. Too late, she realized she had fallen into the arms of a vampire...
Annabel Lee  Print
Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.
The tragic story of Annabel Lee; alone in her tower overlooking the sea. Forlorn and despondent, she awaits her fate as the fog rolls in
Lenore Print
While he dreamed of lost Lenore, quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"...  The ghostly form of Lenore appears in the window as the narrator relates his story.
The Crow King Print
There are many crows in my neighbourhood.  One is louder than the rest so I imagine he must be the King.
The NightMare Bat-Winged Horse Print
An orange full moon fills the night sky as clouds sail by on the wind. Gliding on leathery batwings, gray as smoke, the Night Mare invades your dreams...
Dark Fae
Unseelie King Print 
A dark mist swirls at sundown as you hurry home through the forest. Suddenly you see him leaning nonchalantly against an old tree. His phantom horse, Shadow, waits patiently in the clearing. Oh so handsome, is this Dark Fae King, with his black hair and emerald green eyes. But beware, the wishes he grants do not always turn out as you might
as you might expect!
Dark Faery Queen Print
Beware the Gifts of the Unseelie Queen. She appears in a puff of purple smoke, this faery from the dark side. A mesmerizing blue light emanates from a curious treasure box. The Queen of the Dark Fae is beautiful, indeed. But be careful what you wish for as she is also very clever. All is not what it seems...what looks like treasure can sometimes be a trick!
Enchanted Bat Faery Print
A bat-winged faery with a dilemma. A dark spell has been cast upon her by the Unseelie Queen.  She must find a prince to give the rose to before the full moon disappears or remain a bat forever.
Madame La Veuve Noire  Matted Print $20
Madame Black Widow, Queen of Broken Hearts, is quite the coquette and many times married. But alas, poor Madame, her husbands seem to keep unexpectedly disappearing...

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Gothic Castle in Moonlight Print
An orange full moon, an eerie castle on a hill...
Read the story on my blog
Gargoyles of Notre Dame Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Art Mug
Design on front of mug
White Ceramic 11 ounces (.33 l)
Height 3.74 inches Diameter 3.14 inches
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Postage Included $20.00
A Curious Crow Print
A crow makes an interesting discovery.  The skull was not a great conversationalist.